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Client Testimonials

“ I was treated with respect and I was very comfortable with the decision I made, he also kept me informed on everything. I would gladly recommend Mr. Solomita.”– Mildred O.

“Excellent Attorney great experience.”– Asif H.

“He is awesome. Go to this office.”– Deona L.

“Amazing & beyond helpful.”– Dax H.

“Excellent”– Nathaly R.

“Alec treats me with respect, he helps me with all my concerns. He brought ease to my worrying mind, and for that I thank him. I told him I have been recommending him to everyone I know.”– Lorenzo H.

“Very polite very respectful and answered all my questions. I would refer him to everyone.”– Mario G.

“I made the best decision to hire you. I will say by my experience, take their case with you.”– Jaime L.

“Very professional and informative. He was great! Without a doubt I would inform them that Alec is the go to attorney! He was amazing!”– Charlene L.

“Attorney Solomita is very understanding and knowledgeable. He’s the best attorney I have done business with. Knowledgeable and helpful.”– Felicia S.

“Alec was amazing explained everything to me so I could understand what I was getting myself into always got back to me promptly if I left a message or had any questions and definitely felt comfortable with the decision I made to go with his law firm. Excellent definitely recommend to anyone needing to get help with their credit.”– Antwanette I.

“I made the absolute right choice in choosing Alec Solomita as my attorney. He answered every question I had very clearly and made the whole process extremely smooth. I’ve already recommended him to a couple friends.”– Payton S.

“Best experience I had during a tough time. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.”– Matthew M.

“Alec treated me with kindness and respect. He was available when I had questions related and unrelated to my case. I know I made the right choice choosing Alec for his services. Alec represented me like he would a family member.”– Deliza A.

“Attorney Alec is very professional and it felt like having my own family member as my attorney. Exceptional service and the process was very smooth.”– Michael J.

“Great! Alec Was super sweet walked me through the entire process and really gave me a peace of mind when I was extremely anxious and nervous about my case.”– Analiz P.

“Very nice down to earth person, felt that we were on the same level and he could relate to my situation with judgement or any feelings that made me feel uncomfortable. Very fast, friendly, flexible and accurate service.”– Keiran S.

“Professional gets the job done, full understanding of the process. Very professional and respectful. I would recommend him to everyone I know.”– Carmen M.

“He was a phenomenal attorney. He treated me like a human is supposed to be treated. Listens, Educates and respects his clients.”– Anthony S.

“Excellent Attorney – Mr. Alec is the best. He provided me with thorough knowledge of how the Bankruptcy process goes. He made sure that I was comfortable with making the decision of filing bankruptcy. He handled everything with complete professionalism and kept me informed every step of the way throughout the entire process. I would recommend Mr. Alec as a Bankruptcy Attorney to anyone who is looking for an Excellent Attorney who will make sure you are completely free of any stress or concerns throughout any difficult situation you maybe dealing with as it pertains to Bankruptcy. Great Job Mr. Alec”– Demetrius

“Amazing – Alec is absolutely amazing!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. He was empathetic to my needs, he asked deep questions, he’s very flexible and affordable. He really cared about my situation. He was thorough and followed it from beginning to finish. Thank you so much Alec for everything.”– John

“Smooth Process – I hired Alec for my legal situation. Alec made the whole process effortless and quick. If I had a question he was an email, text or call away. Once I delivered all requested documents it was smooth sailing. Also, honest upfront cost.”– Kim

“An attorney who actually cares! – I hired Attorney Solomita in September 2018 for bankruptcy. I found him online on a fluke ( I was actually looking at an article). I looked him up on this Avvo site and hesitated due to the rating, but I saw nothing but 5 stars from other clients. Do not be fooled by this Avvo rating. He is totally underrated! I called him and left a message. He personally returned my call promptly within an hour. He listened to my story and said he would help. I thought wow, really?!? By the next day or two, I was sitting before him while he was filling out my paperwork. Listen, no gimmicks, no jumping through hoops, no crazy retainer fees and extra fees. Just very straightforward. This attorney is prompt, attentive, and delivers when he says he will. When he says he is your attorney, he is your personal attorney. He is available anytime and knows your case from the back of his hand. If he needs something from you, he gives you ample time to get what’s needed. If you don’t understand something, he implores you to always ask. He told me I would be discharged in 3 months barring any issues, and I was discharged in 3 months just like he said. He represents well in the court room too. I highly recommend this attorney. He truly gets it!!! He gave me my fresh start for 2019. I am eternally grateful!”– Shaleana

“Maverick for sure – Alec is one of the easiest people to work with. In spite of this being an extremely stressful time, he made the process, seamless. He was available to my wife and I on our schedule. He was an advocate for us and was able to get our case closed in the most satisfactory. Better than we expected, thank you Alec for your incomparable care, support and expertise!”– Juan

“Great customer service – Alec was great from beginning to end. What he said he meant, working with his was a total pleasure. Would definitely be a recommendation.”– Anonymous

“Top-notch lawyer and highly knowledgeable. Excellent firm – Solomita Law is a great firm. Alec is easily the best attorney in the area. Extremely knowledgeable and proactive.”– Anand

“Very satisfied – They were very professional. Allowed me to digest all the information given to me. Alec was supportive during a difficult time. Answered emails and phone messages promptly.”– Joyce

“Extremely Relieved – Mr. Solomita assisted in a way that not only solved my legal dilemma but, also deeply touched my heart as well! I shall forever be grateful!!!”– Mary

“Great lawyer – Hi I’m Tommy, I used Alec for my bankruptcy. This was hard for me to do and took a few years before I finally went through with it. And I owe a big part of it to Alec. I had contacted many many lawyers, and none of them seem to care or talk to me like a man. Alec was quick to call me back and send at least 30 plus minutes the 1st time we talked answering all my questions and never rushing me or making me feel like I was bothering him. He was there every time I needed him and never lied or sold me on anything that was bs. Seen my discharge 3 months ago my credit jumped 60 points and I’m hoping it continues. I got a secured credit card and a secured loan through a credit union bank. Make sure you do it right. Anyways Alec is a 100% good man who really is looking out for his customers and is not like the others who looked at me as a sheet of paper on there desk.
– Tommy

“Bankruptcy – best experience very caring, and very honest I will recommend him to family and friends”– Jenny

“Great Attorney – Alec was great with the whole process of my bankruptcy. He explained everything in detail and answered all my questions with great knowledge. I would recommend him and use him again.”– Andrew

“Helpful and Honest – Mr. Solomita put me at ease right away with my case, and was very reassuring and helpful throughout my bankruptcy. He answered all my of questions and concerns, which there were many, in a timely and sensitive fashion. Filing for bankruptcy was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my life, and having a lawyer who is friendly, respectful, understanding, and knowledgeable made a huge difference. I highly recommend his services if you find yourself in need.”– A Satisfied Client

“The best bankruptcy Lawyer in Orlando – I am one that does my research and totally takes advantage of the free consultation. Upon meeting with several different Lawyers, we decided to go with Alec and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. Alec is patient, genuine and authentic and is very knowledgeable. He always responds promptly and highly dependable. We never thought we would have to file bankruptcy and when we knew we had to, Alec made the process less stressful and everything went very smoothly. He is upfront and there is no surprises. We are thankful for his expertise, professionalism, and his ability to deliver excellence. Thank you Alec for all of your service to us and we highly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in our similar satiation. We feel very blessed to have met you. Thank you!”– Britni

“Excellent – Mr. Solomita was an excellent advocate during an extremely low point in my family’s life. He walked us through the process, was the most attentive attorney we saw at our court proceedings, and helped us get a fresh start on life. We couldn’t be more grateful for his services and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend”– Veronica

“Alec Solomita helped me with my Chapter 7. He took the extra time needed for my case, and went above and beyond his call of duty to get specific situations resolved for me… I highly recommend him- he will not disappoint. I am now able to live a much better quality of life. A million thanks to you Alec- you are my hero.”– Francesca Z.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Solomita on matters for mutual clients. He is incredibly knowledgeable in his field, responsive, and genuinely cares for those he represents. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”– Sharon Freeman

“I am so thankful for Solomita law! Alec was always very transparent from the start. I had originally retained another law firm who was was highly advertised on TV and social media but they failed to do their job and ended up putting my family in more debt. I then reached out to Alec who was very professional and helpful. He guided me through the whole process of filing for a chapter 7 and explained the pros and cons very well. He devoted a lot of time to my case, went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Communication with your lawyer is so important when filing for bankruptcy and Alec was always very communicative with me. I’m so happy I picked Solomita law and so happy I get to have a fresh start!! Solomita law is truly the best!!”– Jessica Cerna

“Anyone going through this process would naturally feel overwhelmed and stressed ..however, Alec made the process easy and as stress free as possible. He is extremely patient and understanding of everyone’s unique situations. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to file !”– Trina Sosa

“Excellent LAW FIRM!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone, this firm is the top tier and I see it as the best in orlando area -period! Thank you guys for everything! I am completely happy with the result and all the hard work you guys preformed for me!”– DANARD SMITH

“Mr. Solomita is one of the best attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Hands down, his experience, knowledge of the law, and professionalism is top notch! Without going into too much personal detail, ai was in quite a bind. I was stressed, have many health problems and was struggling emotionally, physically and financially. Mr. Solomita helped me through a very difficult situation and he didn’t “rake me over the coals” so to speak. His fees are very reasonable, as his part required a lot of work and attention to detail in my case. I would recommend him and his firm for any legal services. I am truly grateful and only wish I could rate him with more stars on this review! If you need someone trustworthy and hard working, he needs to be on speed dial in your phone! I would definitely hire him to represent me again and recommend that you look no further if you’re in need of legal representation. Thanks so much!”– Donna West

“I would 100% recommend Solomita Law, PLLC. His communication is excellent and makes you feel comfortable that every step of the way. You can be confident that Alec has your best interest in mind.”– Cary Jaz

“Mr Solimita is very professional . He was very informative during the case and did a fantastic job. I recommend him strongly.”– pervin collins

“Alec made this process very simple and explained everything to me thoroughly so that I knew what was going on. Anytime I had a question he got right back to me. The monthly payment plan is awesome. My case was settled in a matter of months. Alec could not have been better in keeping me updated and understanding everything. I would definitely recommend Alec for anyone facing a bankruptcy situation. Thank you Alec!”– Lisa Kara

“Alec is the best attorney. I trust him completely and he made a difficult process less stressful. He was always willing to answer my questions and was supportive throughout this journey. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done.”– Leigh Da Silva

“Alec Solomita is one of the best! Alec is very easy to work with. He gives you a timeline of how things are going to happen, then follows through with everything he says. He answers every phone call and email even if it’s after hours. I highly recommend Solomita Law.”– Amy Lynn

“Alec is good attorney, a great person and simebody you can trust. He explained to me all the process and answered every single question I had. He respond my inquires by email in a promptly manner. He kept me informed hiw the process was going.I really recommend Alec to any person who needs his services. Thank very much Alec.”– Carlos G

“Alec is an amazing professional. He made the process easy and properly explained all the steps. I highly and definitely recommend him. You won’t be disappointed.”– Angela Leffers

“Absolutely best way I could of gone about handling my bankruptcy was going through Solomita Law. Super efficient! Very communicative and helpful. Highly recommended to anyone thinking about or going through with filing for bankruptcy Solomita Law is the way to go!”– Kyle Moore

“Alec was amazing. All ways answered my questions in a timely manner. Very professional. Over all great experiences.”– Desean Williams

“Attorney Solomita is very professional, caring, informative, and very responsive. I was at a bad time in life and he helped me over come my issues. Awesome attorney.”– Felicia sherman

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